Sunday, September 9, 2007

Art Shows

Yesterday, Diego, my boyfriend for those of your who don't know, and I went to two seperate art shows because we couldn't choose just one to go to and we wanted to get signatures and photos with several awesome artist.

The first show we went to was in Alhambra, CA at the Nucleus Store on Main St. It was the Ephemera Show promoting Audrey Kawasaki and Fuco Ueda

We took shots of Audrey's beautiful work and were lucky enough to to a photo with her too, we also bought prints on which she'll be signing for us and the store will tell us when they're ready for pick up.

Then after, we headed out to China Town to go to Robocon's art show promoting their second edition to an art book called Fusion Junction 2

LeSean Thomas, famous for his character work in Boondocks, was there with Joshua Middleton, famous for various X-men works and Nyx, were there and we took photos with them and got works of theirs signed.

Joshua Middleton

Well it was an amazing and fun experience.

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