Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Sisters

Both my older Sister Maura and my younger sister Angelica's birthdays were within a week ago, Maura's on the 7th, and Angelica's on the 10th. I promised to draw them both a gift, Angelica responded first

I asked her what she wanted, and in a split second, she answered "Oseary doing Earthbending!!"

Oseary is her Ball Jointed Japanese Doll and character, and Earthbending is her favorite in the show 'Avatar: The Last Air Bender".

So here he is, Oseary... but not quite earthbending =P Hes in a Earthbending position and wearing Earth Kingdom type clothes, but hes not earthbending... hes also wearing shoes with soles, on which Earthbenders are not supposed to =P

She said she liked it alot though, so I'm happy about it, I'm just sorry I had to rush it because of finals.

Done in Photoshop, about 10 hours or work. But I'm actually really proud of this because I made a male character, sure hes a bit feminine, but its still a guy =P

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