Monday, September 22, 2008

Tribute to a Tigress

I was eating breakfast this morning, watching Animal Cops Houston, when I heard about a devastating story, as all on that show usually are. Turns out, its legal to own Tigers in Texas. As cool as that sounds, a lot of unworthy pet owners buy them, but don't take care of them and they die.

In this story, the Animal Cops were called in by neighbors of this guy who drove around with a makeshift trailer holding two Siberian Tigers, one female and one male. When they had arrived, both animals were in horrible conditions, but in particular was the Tigress.

The tigress, which has extreme physical evidence of malnutrition and abuse, had 5 fully formed cubs inside her, DEAD. They've been in there a while, that means shes been unhealthy for a while and not even well enough to birth her cubs. When both tigers got to the animal hospital, the doctors had no possible way of saving the Tigress, she was too unhealthy to get the cubs out with surgery, and leaving the dead cubs in there would kill her slowly and painfully, so they euthanized(mercy killed) her. She went peacefully, but her life wasn't much to remember, poor girl. The Tiger male pushed through the misfortune and now lives at a great animal reserve for exotic animals.

I just died hearing how such a rare and fascinating animal was so easily given to people who could destroy them, and that someone would do that. Now I know there are amazing pet owners who take great care of their pets, but those guys who misused those Tigers are downright EVIL.

So in Tribute, I drew the Tigress a picture, took me about 2 hours, but I had to be quick because I have a lot of work to do.

Tribute to Tigress

The halloween shoot I spoke of in my last journal was postpone to this Saturday, just for those who wanted to see the pics. I will be linked to them when available. I'm still losing weight and toning, now I'm 115 again!!! Unless my weighting machine is broken... Gonna go check again, but I can definately say I'm around 123lbs!!

OMG I'm still going to Japan!!!! Yippy!! Look at my last journal for the details.
I'm still working on The Pirate Vixen, here's a WIP:

Pirate Vixen Shading WIP

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