Sunday, January 24, 2010

Upcoming Shows and Art

Wow! It's been a while, but I've also been deathly but happily busy =) With my new job at Sunken Media LLC, Art show with Girls Drawing Girls "Bitter/Sweet, A Valentine's Show", Personalized Art on an NES and an SNES for "Pizza and Chips 2: Chiptune Show", and 100 Girls in 100 days with Girls Drawing Girls. So yea, busy...

We're hitting crunch-time at Sunken Media, but what better time to push your creative self then now, especially with all this beautiful rain!

Girls Drawing Girls presents "Bitter/Sweet, A Valentine's Show"
Game Music 4 All presents "Pizza and Chips 2: Chiptune Show"

And to see my current 100 Girls, check out and don't hesitate to go check out the other ladies' great drawings! Here are three of my personal favorites:


jamie holmes said...

I like the sketch at the top it has a great feeling to it.

Anonymous said...

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