Sunday, August 26, 2007

Disney and Bioshock

So for my little brother's b-day we went to Disney and California Adventure in a three night stay vacation. Overall it was fun, but I got sick *cough* with a head cold. So Disney was a bit of a drag and for once I was the one wanted to go back to the hotel way early... I feel so bad because I wanted to show my cousin Raquel a good time before she left home, it was either her first time to Disney or her first time in a long time, I couldn't remember.

I believe we all had fun though, other then me and my sister Angelica getting sick. So for the past week now(soon to be a week in two days) I've been at home sicky, or at Diego's, trying to get to school, but every time I think I feel better, I wake with a worst feeling...

So while I was sick, my vocals have been drowning in mucus *cough* =P I can't easily go about a conversation, so I'm sorry to those who have been calling and I've not picked up. Sorry Joey!

But on that note, I decided to go and pick up my reservation of the Limited Edition of BisoShock, a gorgeous, brilliant and exciting game by the makers of System Shock (a Tale tell game with great love from its oldschool fans). Not only is its audio wonderful, but its visuals, voice-acting and scare-factor is amazing!

Heres the YouTube Link

I gladly admit that I've been to chicken shit to actually play, so I have Diego (willing volunteered) playing the game as I help with puzzles and occasional headshots. I recommend this game to all, its story is amazing, and though Diego and I haven't finished it, I'm ready to give it a 5/5.

Heres the Official Website link

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