Friday, August 10, 2007

Siggraph 2007

Went to Siggraph 07 Aug 7-9, great convention and had loads of fun in San Diego, but the day before I left, I lost my phone... and ALL those phone numbers I had. I have a replacement now, and the phone number is the same, all I need to do is wait for my friends to call me so I can re-list them, because like the dumb ass I was, I never wrote them down or bothered to memorize them...

The first few pictures are just of our rest stop we made before actually getting to San Diego.

Heres the pictures of my trip and all, oh we also went to the San Diego Zoo and saw PANDAS! but it was nappy time, so they were pretty boring... but there was a red panda across the way =P

Well, hope everyone is doing fine, Hope to hear from my friends soon!


Anonymous said...

Sasha you lame-o. You forgot my number??? Oh well, I just got a new one anyways. I'll call you sometime today and give you me and amandas number. I bought a DS lite!!! And pokemone Diamond, cause I'm a poke-whore <3
(this is joey btw)

You better update this thing regularly....since I never talk to you I have no idea whats going on with you my bestest BFF. <3

Chalcedony said...

*Called Ya =P

Darth Relak said...

Just leaving you a comment because its cool that you finally got a blog like most of the gaming whores at GameStudents. :P

Glad you had fun at Siggraph! Sadly I didn't bring a camera along myself to take photos when I was there. Psshh, my luck. :D