Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Show Aftermath

**EDIT**: BTW Went to an Awesome Burlesque show May 9th themed after Video Game Girls!! Next one p June 3rd at the Bordello in LA. I have the pics up Here Some not for a younger market, therefore I linked it instead =P It was the Video Game Girls Burlesque Show
Video up at G4 **

Sure its been a week, but I've been busy God Dammit!! =P Anyway, here are some snaps of the show, it went really well, maybe not by "art show" standards but I had a load of fun and it was exciting and I met a lot of great artist! I only sold one piece, and to my Dad... I was very happy but I told him "DAD!! I already get money from you ><" I think he liked it because it reminded him of Hellboy, which hes a huge fan of.

Having my family and my Diego there was one of the reasons it was fun, the art was exciting. Here is string of photos from the show, with descriptions underneath.

They are the wonderful couple who helped me frame my works the same day as the show!! I'm extremely grateful to them and their wonderful framing perfection!! I recommend them Highly! More info about them in Valencia, CA here

My display area, better pics taken by my sister, but she has those =P

The Artist next to me, Tom Cruz, he was a very intellectual guy.

She had great works, very beautiful detail. Here's her site/

Dolce was my favorite! She also had a great personality, Gamer and Comic lover as well!

Gaia had amazing precision in her works, all traditional and great humor. The right ones my fav.

Cheryl(One to the right) was a incredible Travel Photographer, something I deathly would love to be!

Some of the cool bands who played:
I wish I could link to them but I didn't get there card... maybe on the LBE Website.

There was another artist there but we failed to take a photo... She had some awesome gothic/adoreble works!

For more photos, not much but more: LBE Album

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