Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Show Wednesday!

So I'm obviously back home from Germany, almost 3 weeks now, but I've been quite busy with getting ready for an Art Show and redecorate my room.

Germany was awesome, beautiful and clean. I've pretty much wrote about it in the last journal, but yeah. I took lots of Photos, so when I get the chance I'll upload those and the Japan trip ones as well.

As for the Art Show, its this coming Wednesday May 20th at 8pm at The Blue Cafe, 210 The Promenade N, Long Beach, CA 90802. It's an 21 and over event and will have plenty of various artist and art styles to take a gander at =P Here's the website:

Here's the main flyer:

Entry is $7 at the door. What's cool is each time someone comes and mentions my name while they arrive will be tallied. For each paying guest that gets tallied under my name, I get $2 at the end of the night. So the more the merrier =P But do come because there will be great live music, drinks and ART! =D

And here's a tease of a print I'll be selling there as part of a 3 Demoness set. Only printing one of each, and a group print. Never before seen because its as new as Monday.

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