Thursday, November 8, 2007

Almost 21 =)

So this November 15th is my 21st birthday! Now I can go and do anything legal to my age... like play pool >< I'm hoping, if things go according to plan, that I'll get my birthday party at GameWorks in Long Beach, CA in time to invite everyone.

I also won a trip to Las Vegas for 2 (couples) for 3 nights and 2 days in Tahiti Village! I'm so excited, I'm going the 19th at night, because my school starts Turkey Vacation that Monday so that I'll be back in time for Thanksgiving.

I recently finished a 3D piece for my Scientific Visualization Class. Here it is:

Female body entirely done in 3D, in Maya, as well as the angle and material(Blinn), but the heart is an image( that I then modified and fixed up for my finished piece. The text, border, signature, and a few fix-ups were done in Photoshop CS2...

Also, I know the heart is naturally off center, but I'm just going for an artistic look.

My boyfriend's, Diego, relatives from Guatemala are coming for the first time here to visit. They're coming Nov. 15th... so may make some plans tight, but they are invited to my party, also because it his Grandmother's birthday the 15th as well.

At my school, we're having a 5 week contest on which every week a new design is due based on a theme given to us. Then the winner will attend a "On The Spot" challenge where they have to design a theme told to them in 20 minutes in front of a live audience and against others... I believe.

Heres my last minute, done in like 10 minutes time, piece which had to be in by midnight tonight. The theme for this week was "Money can't buy me love"

Well thats all for now, may edit later, hope everyones doing good!

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