Monday, November 19, 2007

My Happy Birthday!

So Saturday was my 21st birthday party at GameWorks in the Ontario Mall. It was a blast, and I'm sooooo glad everyone had fun, and therefore I had fun =)

I did have one drink that night, and it sure did get to me =P Wasn't feeling so hot the day after =D I know, how sad... On my actual birthday, Nov. 15th, my mom had me try a Raspberry Margarita. It tasted like a slushie, and was good =P.

I don't think I'll be drinking much more anytime soon, just not my thing and I don't like the aftermath =), but I would try it sometime again.

I made this gift for my older sister Susie who's birthday was Nov. 10th:

She loved it and I'm so happy she did.

My Las Vegas Trip had to be moved to a later date, so I decided on Jan. 07 2008, so that we can celebrate our 6th year anniversary Jan. 09. We've come a long way =P

Other then all of this, the new contest round for Miss G3 for my Miss Pasadena girl is up and I'm starting her up =P Its evening gowns. Here are my last two entries:

Well thats all for now, till next journal, or an update...
B-bye and Thanx for reading!

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