Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

A day late, but figured not too late to say it =P Hope everyone had a great Halloween, its an awesome holiday and my favorite!

Can't wait for next year though, because by this November, the 15th, Imma be 21!! Yay! I'm not glad because I can now drink legally, I'm just happy now I can literally go and do as I please! Like play Billiards >< clubs =P

So we ended up having a Halloween Party, but it was a bit small, heres a pic of me(Left), my Best Friends Joey(Middle), and Jettila(Right).

For more pics(not many in the first place), visit my Halloween07 album by clicking the image.

Well, I'll be updated later, probably during my b-day week or so, hope everyones doing good!

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