Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blizzard Entertainment

So Blizzard Entertainment came to my school Thursday and gave a presentation on the game industry and Blizzard itself. They also informed us that they are open for internships and the deadline to apply was Friday(Yesterday). So I, and some of my other classmates, applied before 5pm yesterday for an internship in our desired field. I went for the 2D Illustration Internship.

I'm sooooooo excited, I do hope I get the internship, and if so, I'll be updating my portfolio with plenty of Warcraft inspired/themed pieces. I'll be asking my siblings for their WOW characters and draw them out in the Warcraft style. It would be such a great opportunity for me if I make it.

Aside from that, I've entered the Dominance War III in the 2D Character Design competition. It's a widely known contest and will give alot of great prizes aside from fame. Heres my entry so far: DWIII-SashaP-Lilith

For the term so far, I've been making character designs, based on classmates ideas, for my portfolio.

Heres my first two, I'm working on the 4th one now. The 3rd design was the Dominance War entry.

Well thats all for now, I'll be moving in shortly and will update then! Hope everyone is doing well!!


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