Monday, March 31, 2008

Seattle was Awesome

So I came back to LA at about 9:30pm and not only was it a lot hotter, but the air was noticeably thicker ><

Seattle was a gorgeous place, really cold place, but amazing none the less. I have plenty of pictures to show and stories to tell =P.

The environment was gorgeous! So lush in color and the air was soooooo clean. Not to mention the beautiful rain and sudden snow. It was freezing like hell, but worth it. I sure do wish I could've stayed longer. If a job is offered there by Valve, I'll probably more than happily take it, maybe =P

Valve was an awesome building. It lies in a large skyscraper with various other companies, but it holds the three high up floors to itself. The interior is all Half-Life themed, and I heard the hotel in the building holds Valve themed rooms!

We got a tour of the great workplace and got to see some upcoming Meet the TF2 Cast videos as well as test the talked about Gold Rush map with other Valve employees!! OMG it was an amazing trip and all of us had to restrain ourselves and keep professional the whole time. Diego even got his Half-Life art book signed by the creator/founder: Gabe Newell. We even got some free stuff:

The food at every restaurant we went to was really good. We visited a comic store named Zanadau and took some alley shots along the way, then we went to the Pike Place Market. We wanted to visit The Space Needle, but ran out of time, and it got too cold, seeing as it was now snowing ><. Our plans to go to Digipen were cut too, they had an event going on and we couldn't go... Also, Sakura-Con was there at the convention center... but no time ><

All the things we got to do is what made this trip sooooo fun. Now I have to go finish that DomWar character and finish my portfolio =P

All images can be found here: Valve/Seattle Trip

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Anonymous said...

Wow Sasha.. I just read your blogs.... a lots been going on. No house warming party yet eh? Oh and dont forget ...April 29th... ^^