Monday, March 24, 2008

To the Valve mobile!

Going to Seattle Washington for a tour of Valve, the awesome game studio that created the amazing Half-Life series and many other incredible games.

I'm so excited!! This will be my first trip out of California(Farthest from Pasadena was two hours out!) and I just can't wait. The trip is from tomorrow to this Saturday, gonna be raining all that time >< But I love rain anyway =P just not the cold. I'll be trying to finish a lot of artwork on the trip as well, especially the Dominance War entry which will end soon.

I also just finished my 11th Term and am now on my Spring Break for two weeks. Next term is not only my 12th term, but my last term!!! I'm gonna be graduating =D I'm excited, stressed and nervous all at the same time! Gotta get a job and find a new house.

Oh btw, the guys selling us the previous house backed out without telling us and the way we found out was that there were people moving in...

Awaiting on the internship opportunity with Blizzard, also trying to get in those fanworks. Also waiting to see if my Pepper piece gets into Stanley Lau's Pepper Project artbook.

Will be trying to get my works into ImagineFX magazine, its a great digital art magazine from England.

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