Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays All!!

Wow, so a lot has gone down since my last journal, so lets start off with... I'm out of classes for the next two weeks!(we start back up Jan. 8th) and I'm already being told to go out on errands and to clean my room.(a mess I did not make!! Not to mention I already know my friends are gonna want me to go out with them and frankly I haven;t had time to enjoy being out of school... Especially with the Holidays. I do want to spend time with people I haven't been seeing, especially family... but I also want to play games that I've been wanting too, draw and surf the web and such...

Well out of the rant and into the actually stories of the journal. Last week for one of my other classes finals, there was the "On the Spot" Competition at my school and I was one of the 5 finalist to compete.

The competition had a prior competition where every week a theme is given, which you have to design a image of sorts, for 5 weeks and then at the end of those 5 weeks, a score is tallied and the 5 finalist with the highest score go at it at a major competition called "On the Spot"

I manage to make it to the final rounds, with just one entry from the 5 week set, and then I went up against what was supposed to be 4 other competitors in a 2 round competition of a time of 20 mins each to design the theme given to us.

Round 1 "When Little Things Mean a Lot" (I know I spelled "A lot" wrong...)
20 min. I scored 4/5 points


Round 2 "As Time Goes By" (May have quote that wrong)
20 min. I'm not sure what I scored, but I tied and then went into a Lightning Round


Lightning Round "Like a feather in the Wind"
10 min.


And after that nerve recking event, I won. =P I happy but I sure do wish the other competitors showed. I won a small plastic trophy saying Awesome Job and I think First Prize, a T-shirt from the school only it's large enough to be PJ's =P and a New Bamboo Blue Wacom, may use it or give to my sis.

The Miss G3 competition finally ended and I won 2nd place, Miss Dayton won altogether and I'm super happy she won and that Miss Greece got 3rd! Congrats yall! =P My prizes are:
-3 month subscription to Deviantart
-30$ Prize Money
-Full color Bust of Runner up with a dozen roses. Winner gets to choose if she is wearing her National Costume, swimsuit or evening wear in portrait!

To see the other entries and such heres the journal link: Here

Well I'm going to try and enjoy this vacation before I begin my 2nd to last term and my senior thesis. I really hope my grades come out A's and B's... I can't wait for Diego and I's trip to Las Vegas... it'll be something good for us.

Me and my family plan on going to Disney for 3 days for New Years. I want o head to a club with my friends this Friday again, not sure though if I'll be free. Wow this is a long journal... well Thank you for reading thus far, I appreciate it!! *hug* Happy Holidays all!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Sisters

Both my older Sister Maura and my younger sister Angelica's birthdays were within a week ago, Maura's on the 7th, and Angelica's on the 10th. I promised to draw them both a gift, Angelica responded first

I asked her what she wanted, and in a split second, she answered "Oseary doing Earthbending!!"

Oseary is her Ball Jointed Japanese Doll and character, and Earthbending is her favorite in the show 'Avatar: The Last Air Bender".

So here he is, Oseary... but not quite earthbending =P Hes in a Earthbending position and wearing Earth Kingdom type clothes, but hes not earthbending... hes also wearing shoes with soles, on which Earthbenders are not supposed to =P

She said she liked it alot though, so I'm happy about it, I'm just sorry I had to rush it because of finals.

Done in Photoshop, about 10 hours or work. But I'm actually really proud of this because I made a male character, sure hes a bit feminine, but its still a guy =P

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Day in the Life of Sasha

So the 3rd round for the Miss G3 Contest entry for Evening Gowns has finally started and ended, heres my entry:

For a larger image and a description, go here: =P

Been busy with school lately, trying to pass with grades of at least B's or better. Hopefully I can get alot of that work in for these last 2 weeks of class...

Oh my God, I'm actually starting my Senior Thesis next quarterm meaning I have 2 terms left and I'm graduating! It's been a good long ~3 years, but I sure can't wait till its over ><

I went to a club friday night with my friends and my boyfriend, Diego. We had loads of fun, and I've been trying to find a way to exercise and I'm thinking of going to the club every friday and eating good to get back into modeling shape =P

Alison Mann came to our school last Thursday representing Nickelodean and all their possible jobs/internships available and how to apply. They seem to have a great environment, and good Character Designer jobs, but I'm not sure whether I should work fro them, they are a kids network and that provides some limits to my art. Alot of friends and professors were telling my that I should try it out... but I'm still to unsure.

Ballistic's Publishing Company, makers of the all famous Exotique and Expose artbook series, are looking for applicants for their next Expose 6 and Elemental 3 books. I want to send in some of my artworks, but I'm not sure which. I definately want to submit my 3DS Max piece:

For a larger image and description, go here:

Mine and Diego's Las Vegas Trip was moved to Jan 14th. Its not much of a problem except its during the 2 week of my 11 Term. Hopefully not to much homework, I'll only be missing out in one class though.

Gosh I wish I was modeling again, I really do miss it... maybe after school is over, I'll have time to start it back up, because I really enjoyed it. Well, I guess that's all for now, I'll update if needed but until next journal, b-bye =) and Thank you for reading.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Happy Birthday!

So Saturday was my 21st birthday party at GameWorks in the Ontario Mall. It was a blast, and I'm sooooo glad everyone had fun, and therefore I had fun =)

I did have one drink that night, and it sure did get to me =P Wasn't feeling so hot the day after =D I know, how sad... On my actual birthday, Nov. 15th, my mom had me try a Raspberry Margarita. It tasted like a slushie, and was good =P.

I don't think I'll be drinking much more anytime soon, just not my thing and I don't like the aftermath =), but I would try it sometime again.

I made this gift for my older sister Susie who's birthday was Nov. 10th:

She loved it and I'm so happy she did.

My Las Vegas Trip had to be moved to a later date, so I decided on Jan. 07 2008, so that we can celebrate our 6th year anniversary Jan. 09. We've come a long way =P

Other then all of this, the new contest round for Miss G3 for my Miss Pasadena girl is up and I'm starting her up =P Its evening gowns. Here are my last two entries:

Well thats all for now, till next journal, or an update...
B-bye and Thanx for reading!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Almost 21 =)

So this November 15th is my 21st birthday! Now I can go and do anything legal to my age... like play pool >< I'm hoping, if things go according to plan, that I'll get my birthday party at GameWorks in Long Beach, CA in time to invite everyone.

I also won a trip to Las Vegas for 2 (couples) for 3 nights and 2 days in Tahiti Village! I'm so excited, I'm going the 19th at night, because my school starts Turkey Vacation that Monday so that I'll be back in time for Thanksgiving.

I recently finished a 3D piece for my Scientific Visualization Class. Here it is:

Female body entirely done in 3D, in Maya, as well as the angle and material(Blinn), but the heart is an image( that I then modified and fixed up for my finished piece. The text, border, signature, and a few fix-ups were done in Photoshop CS2...

Also, I know the heart is naturally off center, but I'm just going for an artistic look.

My boyfriend's, Diego, relatives from Guatemala are coming for the first time here to visit. They're coming Nov. 15th... so may make some plans tight, but they are invited to my party, also because it his Grandmother's birthday the 15th as well.

At my school, we're having a 5 week contest on which every week a new design is due based on a theme given to us. Then the winner will attend a "On The Spot" challenge where they have to design a theme told to them in 20 minutes in front of a live audience and against others... I believe.

Heres my last minute, done in like 10 minutes time, piece which had to be in by midnight tonight. The theme for this week was "Money can't buy me love"

Well thats all for now, may edit later, hope everyones doing good!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

A day late, but figured not too late to say it =P Hope everyone had a great Halloween, its an awesome holiday and my favorite!

Can't wait for next year though, because by this November, the 15th, Imma be 21!! Yay! I'm not glad because I can now drink legally, I'm just happy now I can literally go and do as I please! Like play Billiards >< clubs =P

So we ended up having a Halloween Party, but it was a bit small, heres a pic of me(Left), my Best Friends Joey(Middle), and Jettila(Right).

For more pics(not many in the first place), visit my Halloween07 album by clicking the image.

Well, I'll be updated later, probably during my b-day week or so, hope everyones doing good!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Times Up!

So my two weeks break is up, and was majority used on running errands for my parents and taking my brother and nephew to school in the morning. But it wasn't all a waste of time, with the my new PS3, several new games, and occasional going out, I had some fun. I finished Heavenly Sword (In about 2 days time) and MySims, both were exciting and still have various other tasks I can do even with the story finished. Semi-Finished(Mostly Witnessed) BioShocks Good Ending, I'm gonna play it again and do all the bad things to get the Bad Ending. Bought Resistance: Fall of Man, but haven't got around to playing it.

Seeing as my break is up, I guess getting to writing reviews for all three games would be hard to get to, but I'll try. I had a chance to draw this break too, and on my boyfriend's, Diego, Wacom Cintiq. Such a nice tool to have, heres the pic, its of my MySims character I designed, Evey.

I start classes tomorrow and have a schedule of Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday =) ... What fun this will be. Oh and my grades for last term were 3 As and 2 Bs... Was aiming for all As, but that'll do.

I got a new Asian Ball Jointed Doll during the Glendale Elfdoll Store TeaParty, it's a ElfDoll Soah and she's Gorgeous. I'll post pics soon.

I saw Across the Universe, it was a good movie, but it was mostly great music wise. Otherwise, the movie was a bit simple, but I'd still recommend it.

I went to Little Tokyo with Diego and my sister Angelica last week Wednesday. We shopped a bit and ate some good Japanese food. Gotta love Little Tokyo, the closest to Japan I can get for now lol =P

So Halloween is coming up and all the theme parks are starting up their celebration, I may be going this Thursday to Knotts Scary Farm, but its a big maybe. I got a costume too, its a sexy Mobster Chick =P

Well, that's all for now, Hope things are going good for everyone, I'll be back later to write up again!

Oh and it's mine and Diego's 5 years and 9 months Anniversary! Happy Aniversary Babe!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Got a new PS3 and Just in time for Break!

My two weeks vacation started yesterday, and that day I convinced my parents(not in a bad way) that I needed it and bragged about all the awesome shit it holds and told them how I already bought the AWESOME game Heavenly Sword, so I needed it =P My whole family is happy about the purchase, and I am too! We got as many games for it that were available at the time at the store: MotorStorm(Free, came with PS3), Lair, and Virtua Fighter. I personally can't wait for LittleBigWorld and Home.

I'm finally feeling good, school has had me stressed and I could'nt wait for this free time. Sure there's the good and the bad so far, like good is the free time and PS3, bad is the family errands I have to run...

I can't wait to start back up drawing something, or even playing past favorite games such as Final Fantasy XI. Better yet, maybe I should finally finish Final Fantasy XII, I was at the last boss but then school started back up... ><

I'm going with my family this Friday to the LA County Fair,(once again, sooooooo sorry Joe!) and then to a Ball Jointed Doll Tea Party in Glendale at the ElfDoll Store where both me and my sister, Angelica(and her friend Renee), will enjoy an evening with our BJDs and others as well as getting FREE STUFF!

I want to go see Across the Universe, but have been unable lately, maybe now I'll get the chance. Well sorry for the long chat, just catching up and yapping =P

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Art Shows

Yesterday, Diego, my boyfriend for those of your who don't know, and I went to two seperate art shows because we couldn't choose just one to go to and we wanted to get signatures and photos with several awesome artist.

The first show we went to was in Alhambra, CA at the Nucleus Store on Main St. It was the Ephemera Show promoting Audrey Kawasaki and Fuco Ueda

We took shots of Audrey's beautiful work and were lucky enough to to a photo with her too, we also bought prints on which she'll be signing for us and the store will tell us when they're ready for pick up.

Then after, we headed out to China Town to go to Robocon's art show promoting their second edition to an art book called Fusion Junction 2

LeSean Thomas, famous for his character work in Boondocks, was there with Joshua Middleton, famous for various X-men works and Nyx, were there and we took photos with them and got works of theirs signed.

Joshua Middleton

Well it was an amazing and fun experience.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miss Pasadena, CA Round 2

G3_MissPasadena,CA_Round2, originally uploaded by Sasha Palacio.

So Round 2 of the Miss G3 contest has commenced, its the Strawberry Themed Swimsuit competition. My entry: Miss Pasadena, CA Round 1 has been voted through to the 2nd round with 20 contestants picked from the 53 originals.

Good luck to all the contestants. Heres the DA website

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Disney and Bioshock

So for my little brother's b-day we went to Disney and California Adventure in a three night stay vacation. Overall it was fun, but I got sick *cough* with a head cold. So Disney was a bit of a drag and for once I was the one wanted to go back to the hotel way early... I feel so bad because I wanted to show my cousin Raquel a good time before she left home, it was either her first time to Disney or her first time in a long time, I couldn't remember.

I believe we all had fun though, other then me and my sister Angelica getting sick. So for the past week now(soon to be a week in two days) I've been at home sicky, or at Diego's, trying to get to school, but every time I think I feel better, I wake with a worst feeling...

So while I was sick, my vocals have been drowning in mucus *cough* =P I can't easily go about a conversation, so I'm sorry to those who have been calling and I've not picked up. Sorry Joey!

But on that note, I decided to go and pick up my reservation of the Limited Edition of BisoShock, a gorgeous, brilliant and exciting game by the makers of System Shock (a Tale tell game with great love from its oldschool fans). Not only is its audio wonderful, but its visuals, voice-acting and scare-factor is amazing!

Heres the YouTube Link

I gladly admit that I've been to chicken shit to actually play, so I have Diego (willing volunteered) playing the game as I help with puzzles and occasional headshots. I recommend this game to all, its story is amazing, and though Diego and I haven't finished it, I'm ready to give it a 5/5.

Heres the Official Website link

Friday, August 10, 2007

Siggraph 2007

Went to Siggraph 07 Aug 7-9, great convention and had loads of fun in San Diego, but the day before I left, I lost my phone... and ALL those phone numbers I had. I have a replacement now, and the phone number is the same, all I need to do is wait for my friends to call me so I can re-list them, because like the dumb ass I was, I never wrote them down or bothered to memorize them...

The first few pictures are just of our rest stop we made before actually getting to San Diego.

Heres the pictures of my trip and all, oh we also went to the San Diego Zoo and saw PANDAS! but it was nappy time, so they were pretty boring... but there was a red panda across the way =P

Well, hope everyone is doing fine, Hope to hear from my friends soon!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Blogger all my Own

I've been wanting, like most artist, to make my own website to feature my artwork and anything else I may do. Well, not being a web designer nor having the time to create/learn a webpage led me to

Actually what led me here was a friend of mine and Diego's (my boyfriend of 5 years =P), Mauro. We were chatting with him about art and the topic of having our own webpage came up and he told us about a site that could act as a temporary or longterm professional website for our art. He told us how alot of famous and professional artist have one and use it as their main webpage.

So, evetually I had the time to start one up, and I wanted to get started on filling it up, until I have the experience and money for a real webpage, this'll do =)

Welcome to Sasha Palacio's Blog! Enjoy my art and my seldom entry writes =) =P *hug*