Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 Months Later! Art Show Alert!

Hello again, I would apologize for the lack of activity, but I've said it so many times I'm sure it's lost its meaning. But what I can do is promise change. My friends and I have finally concluded an efficient yet simple solution to my lack of activity =P

So here's the results, my website is now combined with my blog, which will showcase not only my works, but any and all new activity I'll be doing. Also, I was publish in yet another awesome Girls Drawin' Girls book, Volume IV "The Way Nature Made Her" My piece:

And how better to update the world than a new awesome game/chiptune/art event! So this Saturday, SC3 the Southern California Classic Collectors – a videogame collector's group, will be hosting yet another exciting arcade party event at Gallery Nucleus. This time though, they'll be holding a gallery showing upstairs with artist from the PixelDrip Gallery group, which includes myself =) This is a one day event, so once it's done, its gone for another 6 months or so.

The SC3 Event does have an entry fee, but if you pay online and early, it's only $10 for unlimited games, music, art, and FUN! More info on Facebook go HERE

And I revamped my "Oh My Chun-li" piece, and will be making an original outfit version for the SC3 show:

I've also been working on a few new works, not only for this upcoming show, but a tattoo design, illustrations for Wayforward, and many more. Though, most of those are legally secure until I get permission to upload them =) But, here's the Tattoo progress so far!