Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Times Up!

So my two weeks break is up, and was majority used on running errands for my parents and taking my brother and nephew to school in the morning. But it wasn't all a waste of time, with the my new PS3, several new games, and occasional going out, I had some fun. I finished Heavenly Sword (In about 2 days time) and MySims, both were exciting and still have various other tasks I can do even with the story finished. Semi-Finished(Mostly Witnessed) BioShocks Good Ending, I'm gonna play it again and do all the bad things to get the Bad Ending. Bought Resistance: Fall of Man, but haven't got around to playing it.

Seeing as my break is up, I guess getting to writing reviews for all three games would be hard to get to, but I'll try. I had a chance to draw this break too, and on my boyfriend's, Diego, Wacom Cintiq. Such a nice tool to have, heres the pic, its of my MySims character I designed, Evey.

I start classes tomorrow and have a schedule of Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday =) ... What fun this will be. Oh and my grades for last term were 3 As and 2 Bs... Was aiming for all As, but that'll do.

I got a new Asian Ball Jointed Doll during the Glendale Elfdoll Store TeaParty, it's a ElfDoll Soah and she's Gorgeous. I'll post pics soon.

I saw Across the Universe, it was a good movie, but it was mostly great music wise. Otherwise, the movie was a bit simple, but I'd still recommend it.

I went to Little Tokyo with Diego and my sister Angelica last week Wednesday. We shopped a bit and ate some good Japanese food. Gotta love Little Tokyo, the closest to Japan I can get for now lol =P

So Halloween is coming up and all the theme parks are starting up their celebration, I may be going this Thursday to Knotts Scary Farm, but its a big maybe. I got a costume too, its a sexy Mobster Chick =P

Well, that's all for now, Hope things are going good for everyone, I'll be back later to write up again!

Oh and it's mine and Diego's 5 years and 9 months Anniversary! Happy Aniversary Babe!