Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey! Listen! Vol. 1

Hey hey all, recently I answered an ad to design an Album Cover for "Game Music 4 All"
They're a website dedicated to the promotion of all video game inspired music today. They have an amazing range of GREAT music. Volume 1 is part of a series of 5 song "mixtapes".

The series is called Hey! Listen! The goal of these mixtapes is to introduce you to bands, musicians, and artists who you may have never discovered otherwise.

Here's the Album Art I did:

Hey!Listen! Vol 1

It features my character Haiku. The downloads are free and here's how to get them:

Hey!Listen! Vol 1

My favorite songs are "Take my Heart, Take my Hand" and "Gelano" And if ya really like my pic, they'll have a wallpaper version of the album up soon!

Also, I finished the Pirate Vixen character, now I'm working on the BG... though I'm no good at environments ><

Pirate Vixen

And a quick WIP of the BG...


I've updated my website:

Also, thinking of going back to Japan, for the Springtime Cherry Blossoms, hopefully I can.

Hope ya'll like!