Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Time flies

When you’re having fun =P

I’ve been going back and forth into Game Development and Marketing areas, but working in the Game Industry nonetheless. I’ve mentioned before, on previous posts, but for a more updated chronicle of my work and life, follow my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. =) I also have a monthly gaming news podcast called Level reCap I cohost, a sister podcast under Geek Pop Podcast; and stream weekly with my best friend on SnBplay on Twitch. Both have been going on for years now, but figured I should share my other ventures with you guys. =P

Recently I’ve been really into Game Capture and have decided to focus on it as a career, so I added a new tab with my Game Capture portfolio, both in-game photography and trailers/teasers. So more to come there.

I wasn’t sure where to post these, but during my time at Tic Toc Games, I had the opportunity to work on The Adventures Of Pip Kickstarter Backer incentives. I was basically the lead graphic designer on this mini project, and designed the Soundtrack, Art Book, Pins, Stickers, Posters, and T-Shirt. I used pre-made art by a variety of artist on the project like Mark Gomez, Eleazar Del Rosario, Eddie Moreno, Myself, and more, to layout the covers, pages, and such.

Here are some of the pictures of the final products: