Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm terrible at keeping in touch...

**Lol Update! As Kyle pointed out, I said "Yes" to my boyfriend's proposal! =)**

Well, quite a lot has happen the last few months. Well to save on typing so much I'll just small list the informative activities of the last 2010 months =P Oh and Happy New Years!

~Long Beach Comic-Con late October: attended under PixelDrip and made live digital art. Sketches have been posted to my Facebook page: The Art of Sasha Palacio

~Made a GirlsDrawingGirls 2011 Calender piece for January collaborated with the talented Sandra Fremgen(Left piece). I'm not proud of my piece, but it'll do for a last minute all night piece...

~Then my birthday Nov. 15th, =P I'm 24 yrs old!... And got a Haircut!

~And picked up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, which used 75% of my life =P

~UGTL 7 and PixelDrip Gallery Nov. 20th: The 7th UGTL event and 2nd PixelDrip Gallery. Did live digital art there too and finished this piece of Chun-Li:

Then New Years, and that is the end of 2010 =)

So Jan. 9th was me and my boyfriend's 9th anniversary, but then Jan. 11th, on my boyfriend's birthday, he surprised me and proposed!

Tomorrow Saturday Jan. 22nd I'll be in LA signing my GDG Calender piece and my Peaches and Cream piece in GDG Vol. III at Meltdown Comics from 3pm-6pm

Oh and PixelDrip has a section up monthly at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles.

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