Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"I'm The Art Show Deal With It!" A Legend of Korra Tribute

Wow... not like I haven't updated in 3 months or anything... but I have been quite busy.

Last time on Dragon Ball Z... err I mean Sasha's blog, I talked about the Legend of Korra Tribute I'm co-curating through PixelDrip Gallery. Well is still on its way and speeding up since the show date is this coming January!Not to mention working and trying to get my own piece done for the show...

"I'm The Art Show, Deal With It!" A Legend of Korra Tribute
Ticketing and Funding have opened up for "I'm The Art Show, Deal With It!" A Legend of Korra Tribute, and you can get great stuff for helping us fund the show and free admission tickets are included if you want to attend! Otherwise you can either just buy at the door the day of the show, but you won't get cool SWAG... Oh and here's a video of me asking for your help yo!

I did have a moment to sketch one idea of my piece. It will be older Katara and her young daughter Kya waterbending together, as Katara teaches her. (It's a very rough sketch...)

"Mother and Daughter"
The artist roster for the show is growing and getting more refined by the minute, so expect an ever updating list! We are super excited about the show and can't wait to see all the wonderful art, music, and overall great fandom in one venue!

Oh and another update, I had the opportunity to collaborate and work on the last Nintendo Power cover, featuring Shantae and the Pirate's Curse by Wayforward!

Ordering for the Maldene book I collaborated on the cover of is up a running! Check it out!Well that's it for now, but I hope to be more active on here, otherwise you can follow my Facebook Fan Page for more frequent Twitter, Instagram, and status updates! Thank you!