Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update Alert!!!!

I was late to announce it on here, mainly due to the lack of internet the last 2 weeks, but I have my Peaches and Cream piece up at another great Girls Drawin Girls show for the debut of Sugar & Spice book over in Burbank, for more info and to buy some gorgeous work along with my piece, visit http://gdg-sugarspice.blogspot.com/

Oh My! I skipped June all together! Yikes, well, not a lot of art happened, but I did attend E3 and it was goooooooood =P I posted pics up on my Facebook and that folder is public so enjoy: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=189781&id=615286945&l=1880c20017

Been updating my sketches too and to lazy and limited to post outside of FB sometimes =P http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=179636&id=615286945&l=48abd190ae

So, I'm camping out at my parents house, with their beautiful internet, and had a chance to scan some old "100 girls in a 100 days" entries. Over at the Girls Drawin Girls blog, they have weekly themes so I've been participating. I also was thinking, as I submit to the Weekly Themes, I might as well give those gals a place in the 100. With that I can finish the 100 in this lifetime and accomplish my New Year's resolution of drawing more =)

Okay, so here's this week's theme, Lolli, who is also girl 25/100:
I was inspired by the summer scene and redhead punky girls =P I've been on a freckles splurge lately! =P

My Salsa Dancer is girl 24/100 and last week's theme at GDG, and I've decided that I'd only count girls not associated with fanart, like my last piece for Daria. That gives my 100 a more original approach and freedom in saleability =)

But here's 2 week's ago's theme, Daria:

Here's girl 23/100, Daniella:
I imagine her with a high pitch voice, like Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.

Girl 22/100, Evelyn:

Girl 21/100, Esperanza:

And that is all for now, until next week maybe, but I am attending Comic-Con this year and will get inspired!!! =) Sorry for the splurge of art, I hadn't had coffee for over a week so this morning I decided to make up for my lack of caffeine by drinking the whole 12 cup pot... You can't imagine the amount of times I had to spell check and reread this post, I keep hitting 3 keys at a time and loosing my train of tho..... oooohhh shiney!

~Sasha Palacio