Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Show recaps and new Art *u*

So a lot has come about this last month. For starters, the Girls Drawing Girls artbook, with my Peaches and Cream piece, is accepting preorders at $20 for now. Price will go up to $25 soon and the first 100 to preorder get a free print by the cover's artist!!!


As for the Art Show's last month and this month, well, I showed at 3 out of the 4 events, and sold at 1. They were all great shows, awesome and fun in their own rights.

The Monsters of 8-Bit show had great music, not to mention a nice venue. I found out that day that I was going to be the only artist showing, so it was a bit lonely on the art side =P

The UGTL6: 3v3 SFIV Tourney & Pixel Drip Gallery debut show was a awesome Street Fighter tournament and art show, met a lot of talented and genuinely cool cats =P The art was varied and unique enough to stand alone on it's own, so with that in mind, the folks behind the operation want to separate the art show from the tournament, as their own events. Which is an idea I back wholeheartedly! he venue was gorgeous, and fit the event perfectly! I made two new pieces for the show:

"Oh my Morrigan"
"Crimson Viper"
I couldn't attend The Carnival NOir show... was too busy with family and stressed to pack myself up and head to L.A. that night... but I heard it went wonderfully!

The Super Happy Tokyo Love: Akasan's Farewell Party was beyond words awesome!!! I sold 4 out of the 9 pieces I brought that night, and $49 worth of newly made stickers! It was a farewell party to remember and love, we'll miss you Aka-san!!! Only one new piece that night, then just my The Demonesses, Lilith, Azazel, Jezebeth, Pirate Vixen Morgana, and Viera of the Woods.

"Tsuki no Sakura"

I finally got around to finishing the NES winner's piece of a Pin-up Samus:

"Samus Aran"

And that's all for the past, now for the present and the future!!! Well, at the moment I'm working on character designs for an animated series promo, but that's all I can say for now, and I'll update when I freely can with permission. =) I'm also taking commissions, I'm currently working on one of a friend and her daughter. Other that that, just surviving =P Oh yea, never mentioned it, but, I was laid-off from Sunken Media LLC, nothing bad, just this recession is getting to everyone and they couldn't afford me... I'm good though, I feel more motivated than ever before actually, it's funny but awesome!

I believe I've updated everyone (really only my 7 or so watchers =P) of my life, and thank you all for taking a moment to read my blog!!!