Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Germany

Deutschland... Quite a clean and lush green environment, every site looks as if it jumped off a postcard.

Ok, so, last blog I stated I was going to Germany and having an art show, but only one happened =P I decided to reschedule my art show to May 20th because setting up for Germany took a lot of my free time. Besides I was still unsure if my work was worthy of an art show, so I'd rather have time to maybe makes some new pieces for it.

Obviously Germany went along as scheduled and I'm here now. I'm here with my sister, Angelica, to help our older sister, Suzette, and her boys, Bruce and Marcos, to move back to the states. Shes lived there for the last 3 years because her Husband, and my Brother-in-Law, Oscar, is in the Army. He'll be finishing his 9.5 yr enlistment with the US Army and coming home to California this fall. My sister is moving back now so that everything will be set and ready for Him when he's home.

Germany is a nice view, very humble, and clear air. So far I've took some nice photos, and because my Camera is Fixed!!! To an extent, and not really, I just reset the overall settings, and whatever happened before, it works now, way better than before.

The airport was a great "fun". The 11 hr plane ride was just about bearable, but then, our luggage was an hour late, just my sister's and mine's. Then we had to find our taxi, which was easy finding a guy with a sign "Palacio". We were sure he was already given directions to Suzette's, so I just sat back and enjoyed the 2 hour drive to her house. Beautiful landscapes. I mainly slept the ride over, but woke frequently due to is erratic driving on the Autobahn... every car drove faster than 100mph and with no care in the world for the other drivers. I basically awoke to every harsh break he hit on the Autobahn. But we got there at around 2pm, as it poured, and then waited to get signed in.

This all may seem like complaints, but I felt it was a fun experience, and not to bothersome to rant about, but enough to write about =P What was interesting was that our neighbor's on the plane ride had asked us where we were going and we slowly stumbled across the fact my brother-in-law is in Iraq, and they said "Oh the US Army" we answered yes then he said "Tell him Thank you, (he paused) for giving us rights/freedom" Couldn't quite remember the word he used, but it was along those lines.

Great seeing my sister and my nephews, I love them to Death!! I also miss my Babay, Diego, something fierce! Love you bo!

Well, I'll post pics up soon, till then, thanks for reading and hope everyone's doing fine!