Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"I'm The Art Show Deal With It!" A Legend of Korra Tribute

Wow... not like I haven't updated in 3 months or anything... but I have been quite busy.

Last time on Dragon Ball Z... err I mean Sasha's blog, I talked about the Legend of Korra Tribute I'm co-curating through PixelDrip Gallery. Well is still on its way and speeding up since the show date is this coming January!Not to mention working and trying to get my own piece done for the show...

"I'm The Art Show, Deal With It!" A Legend of Korra Tribute
Ticketing and Funding have opened up for "I'm The Art Show, Deal With It!" A Legend of Korra Tribute, and you can get great stuff for helping us fund the show and free admission tickets are included if you want to attend! Otherwise you can either just buy at the door the day of the show, but you won't get cool SWAG... Oh and here's a video of me asking for your help yo!

I did have a moment to sketch one idea of my piece. It will be older Katara and her young daughter Kya waterbending together, as Katara teaches her. (It's a very rough sketch...)

"Mother and Daughter"
The artist roster for the show is growing and getting more refined by the minute, so expect an ever updating list! We are super excited about the show and can't wait to see all the wonderful art, music, and overall great fandom in one venue!

Oh and another update, I had the opportunity to collaborate and work on the last Nintendo Power cover, featuring Shantae and the Pirate's Curse by Wayforward!

Ordering for the Maldene book I collaborated on the cover of is up a running! Check it out!Well that's it for now, but I hope to be more active on here, otherwise you can follow my Facebook Fan Page for more frequent Twitter, Instagram, and status updates! Thank you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

"I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!" Legend of Korra Tribute

My recent absence was the result of getting a full-time job at WayForward Technologies as an Animator/Clean-Up Artist, working on a upcoming game! Which I can't say a thing about it yet! But I have great and exciting yet stressfully awesome news!

Open Call for Art Submission!
"I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!"
I'm co-curating "I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!" The Legend of Korra Tribute. A 2-day experience every Avatar fan is going to love! I'm a huge HUGE "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" fan, and surround myself with fan's/artist's tumblr feeds, stalking Brian Konietzko's/Micheal Dimartino's pages, and deviantart favorites of amazing fanart, cosplays, and crafts relating to these perfect shows. More news to come soon about contributing artist, activities, contests, music, merchandise and lots lots more! Keep an eye out for the ever helpful Kickstarter campaign in the following few days and help us get this ever incredible show rolling!

I will be making a piece for the show, so expect regular updates on my Facebook page and recaps on my blog!!! Oh and started a tumblr a while back but haven't posted yet! I mainly use it to stalk said pages I mentioned earlier =P And I'm a new member of Twitter, @SashaMPalacio, ... I now will update you all everytime I breathe... maybe...

In the mean time... I drew some stuff =P

Sasha the Destroyer - A personal fan-character spoofing Trigun's character names

Drink N' Draw girly sketch

Sasha Creed - Connor, My upcoming new self-portrait, Assassin's Creed style with my new hair cut and color and as Connor from ACIII

Also, if you're attending Comikaze this weekend, look out for the PixelDrip Gallery booth for more "Community" fanart from our last show The "Six Seasons and a Movie" Art Show, and more video game, nerdy, geeky great art! I will, most likely, be dressing up! Cheaply as possible since I can't sew to save my life, but still having loads of fun!

"Maldene" by Mark Anthony Tierno
Published by "The Vault of Knowledge "
I worked on a book cover! I collaborated with my fiancĂ©, Diego Paz, on an epic fantasy novel Maldene. Written by Mark Anthony Tierno, a great author and long-time family friend, the world of Maldene will capture the adventurous soul in an amazing story with great memorable characters on an epic journey. Mark is re-releasing the book and self-publishing it under his own company, "The Vault of Knowledge". I primarily worked on the graphic design, and the Publisher's logo, but I did have a hand in the golden castle and horse riding characters in the cover. Diego made all of the amazing background and the ever fearful Miro's evil gazing eyes, the main antagonist of this daring tale!

Maldene Cover

When I get the link and more info on it's release and pre-order, I'll post it immediately!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show! Update Part 1

If you build it, they will come!

Not only was the Kickstarter Project was a big success, but the extra support has helped us make this show one to remember for decades!

The days we have been waiting for are: June 23rd-24th 2012

The show is completely free and has tons of activities to do, stuff to get, free booze for 21+, and of course ART! A loads of amazing art too!

Check out the PixelDrip Gallery Facebook Event page for more info and be sure to hit attend!

Also, I've been quite busy lately with art projects, but expect an update soon for the upcoming show piece and a book cover re-design for the epic fantasy novel Maldene

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kickstarting an Art Show and an Amazing Journey

So recently a phenomenon has taken the web, a concept which allows people to literally help dreams come true, a movement rallying the masses to conjure up a lost hope for success. What is this miracle I speak of? It is known as Kickstarter, a website that allows fans to fund projects to once promised games, art shows, a person's success and more.

PixelDrip Gallery has started their own Kickstarter in hopes to fund our next big art show: "Six Seasons and a Movie" Art Show and met their goal in well under a week! Even though we met our goal, donations are still welcome seeing as you can still get prizes for various amounts funded. Not to mention you continue to help us make the show even better!

Recently I've been utterly obsessed and in love with thatgamecompany's game Journey. An artistically gorgeous and audibly amazing experience every person, gamer or not, should play. My one dream is to create a game similar to their games or, most desirably, work for thatgamecompany. In lieu of their inspiration on me, I created a quick fanart, and let it be known, this won't be it's last! By the way, Journey's soundtrack, by the musical genuis Austin Wintory, is now out on both iTunes and the Playstation Network. 18 incredible songs for $4.99!!!

Well I couldn't find paint, canvas, brushes, not even my sketchbook... So I stole my fiance's Samsung Galaxy tablet for a moment and created this Journey(Facebook Page) inspired piece while listening to the game's emotional music. Thank you thatgamecompany(Facebook Page) for the amazing game!

And I'd like to mention, I was drawing off of memory as I listened to the soundtrack, so some details will be off. By the way, the symbol was of my first Journey companion the first time I finished the game =] I remembered it was the shape of a heart.

I was given the opportunity to showcase my art on ArtLA. ArtLA is a highly effective advertising website, as well as a key platform service connecting artists around the globe with galleries, dealers, art advisors, collectors, curators and museum directors. You have to be excepted by it's owners to show on their website, and I made the cut! I'm still updating my page, so drop by in a day or less, but here's it is:

In my next blog I'll be revealing another Kickstarted project for the game we started for the Global Game Jam. I spoke about Rhea a couple of blog entries ago, created by my team Infinity 8. I'll also have some updates on current art venturs such as the "Six Seasons and a Movie" Art Show, Blizzard's Diablo III Art Contest, and more! Thank you yet again for reading and so long until next post!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress of Design

I recently found an old folder of all my Concept Design Academy art and figured it would be cool to share. It shows the thought process I took to design each character and creature. Thanks again Kevin Chen and Jerad S.Marantz!

Creature Design, going out my comfort zone =)

Werewolves: Werewolves have been designed and redesigned for ages, and most follow a standard design. I wanted to keep the iconic look but with a twist. This project was definitely out of my comfort zone when it came to drawing, but since I absolutely love horror/thriller films, this was close to my heart.

Silhouette Thumbnails

Reference Collage
Favorite silhouette shapes

Refined and rendered design

Touched-up favorites

Aliens:  Who can say they were never influenced by H.R. Giger's Alien designs? Who I tell ya?! Well, when asked to design scary and creepy alien designs I definitely wanted to give a unique approach but keep to the familiar designs that have already established fear in the populous! I wanted to also keep design to real creatures, especially underwater monsters!

Alien Silhouette Thumbnails 

Favorite alien silhouette 1 refined

Favorite alien silhouette 2 refined

Favorite alien silhouette 3 refined

My personal favorite rendered out and touched-up

Fantasy Beings: I enjoy fantasy creatures, for example Pan's Labyrinth, Legend, and Willow, but I also wanted to give a creepy feel to them.

Fantasy Beings Silhouette Thumbnails

My favorite 3 thumbs


My favorites rendered and refined

Character Design, comfortable, but still pushing it =P

Clockwork Thieves and Stowaway: I knew right away I wanted to go with a Steam-Punk theme, preferably cartoony, but as I went through the design process I pushed my style to a simplistic form.
Style Study
Facial Study

Initial Design

Refined Cartoony 1

Refined Cartoony 2

Re-refined Cartoony, and character cut

Design Touch-up

Tonal Range

Never finished this one to it's fullest, but I'm still happy with the results.

Labyrinthian Goblins: When asked to design goblins for the world of Labyrinth I jumped with joy, it was definitely something new, but since the world has already been developed, all I had to do was keep to the style. We played mainly with shape design, and started to refine from there.
Mass Goblin Quick Design

Pick favorite 3 and start to solidify shape

Design touch-up and size change

Quick color drop and further render

I've been working on a lot of contract art, so much of the work I'm doing is confidential, but believe me, if I could post it, I would! Thanks for reading =D

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sensitivity Training at Babe Lab and Global Game Jam

So last week marked my first try at the Global Game Jam. I also had the opportunity to attend the first Babe Lab workshop at Gnomon, the Sensitivity Training.

The Sensitivity Training workshop with Babe Lab took place at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects last Thursday and was really exciting. Great tips for drawing women and pin-up with a great live and famous model: Stacy Walker.

I've posted a few of my pieces online on my Facebook Page, but here are some:

And then that weekend, I attended the Global Game Jam, a universal game creating competition that takes place all over the world for a 48 hour span of time. The location I attended at was the Mt. Sierra location, also known as the college I graduated from. We had a team kinda started before the competition, but in the end we gain a few hidden jems and created our team: Infinity 8. The theme of the jam was a picture of a snake eating itself. We had to create something inspired by what we thought that meant.

48 hours later, and a total of 4 hours of sleep, we created a game, a working glitchy game =) I give you Rhea, which I came up with the general concept and character design. Rhea is a puzzle platformer inspired by the Greek concpet of Inifinity (Ouroboros). The main character Rhea, lives in an eternal cycle of vibrant life, decay, and reyouth. The objective is to stay young. Throughout the project our team collaborated and generated a better concept and design. A team effort well done =)

To try out the game, go to our page in the Global Game Jam:

In the end I got an award for "Best Digital Illustration" and our team got "Best Concept".

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some Sketches and Photos

I've been attending Drink and Draw more often again, allowing me to get some more original sketches made. Since my laptop has been on the fritz lately, digital art has come to a halt. A lot of my personal projects are being considerably hindered by this, but I'm finding a way around it.

So here are some of the sketches, for more visit my facebook page The Art of Sasha Palacio

I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Getty Villa in Malibu, CA, and took as many wonderful photos I could with my amazing Nikon D300 camera. For more, and hi-res, photos please visit my Flickr Album: Getty Villa - A Day in Antiquity

Tonight I'll be going to a workshop at the Gnomon School of Visual Effect called Babe Lab: Sensitivity Training. A pin-up workshop on the do's and don't in drawing women. So expect more art updates soon!