Monday, September 10, 2012

"I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!" Legend of Korra Tribute

My recent absence was the result of getting a full-time job at WayForward Technologies as an Animator/Clean-Up Artist, working on a upcoming game! Which I can't say a thing about it yet! But I have great and exciting yet stressfully awesome news!

Open Call for Art Submission!
"I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!"
I'm co-curating "I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!" The Legend of Korra Tribute. A 2-day experience every Avatar fan is going to love! I'm a huge HUGE "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" fan, and surround myself with fan's/artist's tumblr feeds, stalking Brian Konietzko's/Micheal Dimartino's pages, and deviantart favorites of amazing fanart, cosplays, and crafts relating to these perfect shows. More news to come soon about contributing artist, activities, contests, music, merchandise and lots lots more! Keep an eye out for the ever helpful Kickstarter campaign in the following few days and help us get this ever incredible show rolling!

I will be making a piece for the show, so expect regular updates on my Facebook page and recaps on my blog!!! Oh and started a tumblr a while back but haven't posted yet! I mainly use it to stalk said pages I mentioned earlier =P And I'm a new member of Twitter, @SashaMPalacio, ... I now will update you all everytime I breathe... maybe...

In the mean time... I drew some stuff =P

Sasha the Destroyer - A personal fan-character spoofing Trigun's character names

Drink N' Draw girly sketch

Sasha Creed - Connor, My upcoming new self-portrait, Assassin's Creed style with my new hair cut and color and as Connor from ACIII

Also, if you're attending Comikaze this weekend, look out for the PixelDrip Gallery booth for more "Community" fanart from our last show The "Six Seasons and a Movie" Art Show, and more video game, nerdy, geeky great art! I will, most likely, be dressing up! Cheaply as possible since I can't sew to save my life, but still having loads of fun!

"Maldene" by Mark Anthony Tierno
Published by "The Vault of Knowledge "
I worked on a book cover! I collaborated with my fiancĂ©, Diego Paz, on an epic fantasy novel Maldene. Written by Mark Anthony Tierno, a great author and long-time family friend, the world of Maldene will capture the adventurous soul in an amazing story with great memorable characters on an epic journey. Mark is re-releasing the book and self-publishing it under his own company, "The Vault of Knowledge". I primarily worked on the graphic design, and the Publisher's logo, but I did have a hand in the golden castle and horse riding characters in the cover. Diego made all of the amazing background and the ever fearful Miro's evil gazing eyes, the main antagonist of this daring tale!

Maldene Cover

When I get the link and more info on it's release and pre-order, I'll post it immediately!