Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Weeks Gone in a Flash

Exactly as the title states, well, anyway, my two weeks vacation was filled by family time for Christmas and New Years.

News Years was interesting, but would've been more fun if Diego came with. My family decided to spend practically a week at Disneyland. Fun, but I was missing my baby =P

Christmas a typical family event, though I spent the later half at Diego's house with his family.

January 9th 2008 was Diego and I's 6th year Anniversary. Originally, as stated before, we were supposed to spend in in Las Vegas seeing as I won a free trip there with 6 free show tickets, $100 for Dinner, 3 nights at Casino Royale and $50 in Chips... But no, Diego darling didn't want to go to Las Vegas(because the only thing we had to do was drive there) and canceled it at the last minute, resulting in a $129 fee to be paid...

He says he'll make it up to me... because he better!! =P

Anyway, we did have a nice lunch, saw and movie, and dinner that day either way. We saw "No Country for Old Men" Great little movie, a bit casual of a film, but the action scenes were cool. His birthday was Jan 11, and hes now 23 =) Happy Birthday again babe!

I'm currently working of a fan picture of Pepper for an artist's artbook, all info could be seen here: Pepper Project

Heres a quick Work-in-Progress shot:

Info for PepperProjectWIP

I hope I get to finish it before the end of this week, because I've started school back up and I'm also attending my Senior Thesis class, which is like a portfolio development class, so a lot of art is going to be done.

Well, if I remember any thing else, I'll be sure to update, until then, thank you for reading.