Friday, September 17, 2010

An update by the elusive Sasha Palacio

Sorry for the disappearing act I was playing, but I HAVE been drawing, just a little late to update =P I actually find myself updating my Facebook page more regularly, since it's quick n' simple, and can be done through my phone =]. You can actually see my all my sketches I've been doing there: The Art of Sasha Palacio

For a group and website I'm part of, PixelDrip, asked their members to design themselves as a game character for our artist page. The site is still under development, but the blog is active and shows lots of awesome stuff related to games and art. So for my avatar, I chose Ezio from Assassin's Creed II, his costume makes me tingle =P The game is AMAZING, but anyway, I wanted to post it here because I designed it to be a pin-up version of me as Ezio, to kinda sum up my style and what I like to draw =) Enjoy! Oh and did a black version based of the unlockable Black Outfit for Ezio in-game that I love soooooo much.

So here I have my latest addition to the 100 Girls. Better descriptions on my facebook page and on the Girls Drawin' Girls blog. And lately I've been attending Drink and Draw every Thursday night at Casey's bar in LA. It's relaxing and fun, great art and cool people!

26-100 "Myrna" Done for the GDG weekly theme of Mermaids

27-100 "Peggie" Done for the GDG weekly theme of Zombies

28-100 "Nanami" Done for the GDG weekly theme of Japanese Fashion

29-100 "Tsunami" Originally a concept for a Japan inspired piece for an art show, but never used, so I gave her a home in the 100 girls =)

30-100 "Yvette" A piece I did during Drink and Draw at Comic-Con this year.

31-100 "Circe" A piece I did at the Drink and Draw event that happens every Thursday night at Casey's Bar in LA.

32-100 "Sophie" She was going to be a viera from final fantasy tactics, but just became a nude girl =P Another piece done at Drink and Draw.

33-100 "Amelia" my French Maid for this weeks theme. A 10-15 minute sketch in Photoshop. He just wants to cuddle =P

I hope to be more active and post when I have something, that way I don't continue to post large late blog entries... Poor August, didn't stand a chance of being post on...