Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moving Out!

So obviously school has started back up for me, and boy is it more intense now that I have this and one other term left. I have my Senior Thesis I class which has me developing a portfolio to hopefully use to get a character designing job, or at least an art related one.

Alot has happened lately, including that I've got a house! I really gorgeous little cottage like home, cozy and with a wonderful garden. Both me and Diego will be moving in the begining of March, we hope to have a House Warming party mid March to early April.

I've finished and submittd my fan piece of Pepper:

for the Pepper Project and I really hope it gets into his book. I also am submitting to have my work in the next Ballistics Expose book. Hopefully I get in there too. I want to also submit my work to the wonderful magazine ImagineFX. All to help promote myself. =P

I never went to Las Vegas, things came up so I had to cancel, maybe another day. I'm very excited about moving out, and the fact that I finally have a room to dedicate to mine and Diego's collection of figurines and statuettes. But the Disney trip was fun, except for the missing of my baby.

I'm also happy my kitty, Kira, will have room to roam.

Was going to dye my hair like my Miss Pasadena piece for Valentine's Day, but chickened out =P May reschedule for another day.

Well thats all I can remember for now, if anything is remembered, I'll edit.