Thursday, October 23, 2008

Japan was Amazing

Japan.... WOW! I didn't want to leave, I feel home sick, can you believe that, I feel I belong so much in Japan that I feel Home Sick ><

Its where I believe I should be... That's my ultimate goal now, to live in Japan, with an awesome Art job and great Home with my boyfriend.

Anyway, I took pictures with my new professional Nikon D300 Digital Camera. Here's my Flickr account with my Photography:

Areas visited:
Tokyo Tower
Asakusa Kannon Buddhist Temple
Nakamise Shopping Arcade
Meiji Shinto Shrine
Studio Ghibli Museum
Inokashira Koen Park
Nakano Broadway Shopping Mall
Manga University
Tokyo Game Show
Square Enix Show Case/Store

And revisited various other places

I have more snapshot type photos and ones taken by friends and family, I'll have to post them another time, look for an edit.

Halloween, my favorite holiday, is coming up, but my trip sidetrack me, so I wasn't really able to prepare. But I'm looking into some events and parties, so hopefully.

The Halloween Shoot was canceled... so he asked if I wanted a refund or other, I asked for a personalized photoshoot, Burlesque style =P Supposed to be this Sunday, but may have to reschedule, got lots to do.

As for my art, lots have gotten in the way of me finishing the Piratess picture and I started my Concept Design Academy classes, so... yeah, but had time to sketch my original character Haiku and her sister. Here's a WIP of the Pirate Vixen:
Pirate Vixen WIP
Haiku Sketch
Sachiko Sketch