Monday, July 23, 2007

A Blogger all my Own

I've been wanting, like most artist, to make my own website to feature my artwork and anything else I may do. Well, not being a web designer nor having the time to create/learn a webpage led me to

Actually what led me here was a friend of mine and Diego's (my boyfriend of 5 years =P), Mauro. We were chatting with him about art and the topic of having our own webpage came up and he told us about a site that could act as a temporary or longterm professional website for our art. He told us how alot of famous and professional artist have one and use it as their main webpage.

So, evetually I had the time to start one up, and I wanted to get started on filling it up, until I have the experience and money for a real webpage, this'll do =)

Welcome to Sasha Palacio's Blog! Enjoy my art and my seldom entry writes =) =P *hug*