Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Hive Tarot Themed Art Show

Okidoke, so A LOT has happen since my last blog, but the biggest news is I got a JOB! I now work at Sunken Media LLC and at the moment I wear many hats(various jobs) but I make general art assets. The company is new but growing fast and strong! I really excited and will be busy for a while, as I have been for the last two weeks.

So being quite busy lately has pushed back some personal projects, but I had some time to finish my Tarot piece... very last minute =P I actually finished, printed, framed and delivered my "Two of Swords" piece Friday the night before the show The Hive Tarot Themed Show. I was also to busy to attend the show, but I wish I could've because it sounded like it was going to be great! Will attend before it's over Oct 31st!

Here's my finished "Two of Swords" piece:

Before I started this piece, I thought about the swords. I told myself I wanted to make them look beautiful, but claymores(to me) are so boring and ugly. The straightness of the claymores ruins the composition, shooting the eye flow out the piece. So I thought to use the sword I loved the most, which were Arabian swords(Also Pirate swords), otherwise, Scimitars. From there I followed down theme with a Arabian Nights storybook look. I always wanted to make a Persian/Arabian themed piece so I was very excited. I chose a belly dancer mainly for the detail in their jewelry and their gorgeous figure. I ended up finding out that belly dancers actually have a dance which they move with the scimitars, one balanced on their head and one which they swung around lovely. I could've made this piece more dynamic, like in pose and background, but I always make pieces like that so I mimicked the classic tarot card look were they seem a bit rigid and strong. While designing the piece I noticed she would have to be blindfolded, but I don't like removing eyes off my pieces because I feel the eyes connect people to the artwork. So I made her blind, with a sheer blindfold to continue the effect. The Two of Swords was about decision making, and I felt this was a true test of my ability to choose what was right.

Sorry for the long description, hope you all like! Oh and I have another show coming up, a Halloween Themed show with GirlsDrawinGirls, but will update later!!

~Sasha Palacio

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sexichu T-Shirts and Prints are HERE!!

A lot of you don't know but, Jessica Nigri "Sexy Pikachu Girl" and had commissioned me to make a Anime-Themed Piece of
Jessica Nigri in her Sexy Pikachu outfit. Eventually we decided to also
make it a T-shirt for all her f...ans to love and wear. Me and my sister came up with the name "Sexichu" for her outfit, to simplify her title =).

Entire product was designed by me, Sasha Palacio. For the Muse, Jessica Nigri.

Please check the link if you would like to buy a shirt or prints! all the way down)

Intermixi -
Jessica Nigri -
Sasha Palacio -

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girls of Summer Art Show

So this coming Saturday my art(same as last shows, for now) will be displaying at a new Art Show at Meltdown Comics with the Girls Drawin Girls community. Great art, comics, drinks, and creative people! Come on by More info here:

Girls of Summer: Meltdown Gallery presents “Girls Drawin Girls”

Opening reception: Saturday, August 15th 8pm- 11pm

Closing reception: Sunday, August 30th 7pm- 9pm

On View August 15th through August 30th 2009
Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Meltdown Gallery announces the first group show featuring the all girls group “Girls Drawin’ Girls,” a collective of women animators and industry professionals specializing in pin-up art.

Refreshments compliments of Asahi Beer and Tibetan Tea.
More Info Here:

Various Artworks by: Melody Severns, Anne Walker, Daisy Church, Nicole Filiatrault, Natalie Repp-Zigal, Danni Shinya Luo, Jamaica Dyer, Mary Bellamy, Brittney Lee, Karen Carnegie Johnson, Kelly Matten, Lissa Treiman, Arica Houy, Liz Climo, Lena Podesta, Fitzy J. Fitzmaurice, Sherry De Lorme, Sasha Palacio, Karen Krajenbrink, Alina Chau and much more!!

Also I've been working on a bunch of side projects, one in particular is for Jessica Nigri, more commonly known as the Sexy Pikachu from Comic-Con 09. Not sure if I can post it up yet, so gonna put up a sorta thumbnail

And the Lanaca Gallery Show went wonderfully, I didn't sale anything, but it was loads of fun and I met lots of new friends/fellow artist. Hope to see you at The Meltdown "Girls of Summer" Gallery Opening this Saturday!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My 2nd Art Show Fri July 17th

So a lot has happened since my last blog, but let me tell you about the upcoming group art show I'll be attending. It'll have plenty of other artist expressing various styles of art.

The show last from July 17th - 29th(Thu-Sat 10am-9pm), but the Opening reception is July 17th from 6pm-9pm. It'll be at the:

Lanaca Gallery
1827 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

The Opening Reception will be the first debut of all the artwork and you'll be able to meet some of the artist while you freely drink and snack away. The Lanaca Gallery located on the ground floor of a beautifully restored 1930s Art Deco building that is just South of the Staples Center and next to the LA Mart. Its a great location and not as far as my last show.

Parking is metered until 6pm on which it is then free, but please do keep an eye out for signs. No fee to enter, so come at your free will and as I said earlier, enjoy the free snacks and wine.

Here are the new flyers for the show, I'll have them printed and out on Monday.

As for Anime Expo, I'll update later when I get the photos up and such. AX was a little sucky this year, less anime-goers(More curious locals) and not so many interesting activities/events to do and watch. I really wish they'd set back up in Anaheim, it was the perfect location.

I've been job hunting, desiging Manga logos and T-Shirts for the past month. Here is something I've been working on, her name is Haiku, she's been around awhile, but this pic was done for a t-shirt for, they're selling a version of her there, blue and red.

Well, that's all for now, will update as it come s to me. Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Show Aftermath

**EDIT**: BTW Went to an Awesome Burlesque show May 9th themed after Video Game Girls!! Next one p June 3rd at the Bordello in LA. I have the pics up Here Some not for a younger market, therefore I linked it instead =P It was the Video Game Girls Burlesque Show
Video up at G4 **

Sure its been a week, but I've been busy God Dammit!! =P Anyway, here are some snaps of the show, it went really well, maybe not by "art show" standards but I had a load of fun and it was exciting and I met a lot of great artist! I only sold one piece, and to my Dad... I was very happy but I told him "DAD!! I already get money from you ><" I think he liked it because it reminded him of Hellboy, which hes a huge fan of.

Having my family and my Diego there was one of the reasons it was fun, the art was exciting. Here is string of photos from the show, with descriptions underneath.

They are the wonderful couple who helped me frame my works the same day as the show!! I'm extremely grateful to them and their wonderful framing perfection!! I recommend them Highly! More info about them in Valencia, CA here

My display area, better pics taken by my sister, but she has those =P

The Artist next to me, Tom Cruz, he was a very intellectual guy.

She had great works, very beautiful detail. Here's her site/

Dolce was my favorite! She also had a great personality, Gamer and Comic lover as well!

Gaia had amazing precision in her works, all traditional and great humor. The right ones my fav.

Cheryl(One to the right) was a incredible Travel Photographer, something I deathly would love to be!

Some of the cool bands who played:
I wish I could link to them but I didn't get there card... maybe on the LBE Website.

There was another artist there but we failed to take a photo... She had some awesome gothic/adoreble works!

For more photos, not much but more: LBE Album

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Show Wednesday!

So I'm obviously back home from Germany, almost 3 weeks now, but I've been quite busy with getting ready for an Art Show and redecorate my room.

Germany was awesome, beautiful and clean. I've pretty much wrote about it in the last journal, but yeah. I took lots of Photos, so when I get the chance I'll upload those and the Japan trip ones as well.

As for the Art Show, its this coming Wednesday May 20th at 8pm at The Blue Cafe, 210 The Promenade N, Long Beach, CA 90802. It's an 21 and over event and will have plenty of various artist and art styles to take a gander at =P Here's the website:

Here's the main flyer:

Entry is $7 at the door. What's cool is each time someone comes and mentions my name while they arrive will be tallied. For each paying guest that gets tallied under my name, I get $2 at the end of the night. So the more the merrier =P But do come because there will be great live music, drinks and ART! =D

And here's a tease of a print I'll be selling there as part of a 3 Demoness set. Only printing one of each, and a group print. Never before seen because its as new as Monday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Germany

Deutschland... Quite a clean and lush green environment, every site looks as if it jumped off a postcard.

Ok, so, last blog I stated I was going to Germany and having an art show, but only one happened =P I decided to reschedule my art show to May 20th because setting up for Germany took a lot of my free time. Besides I was still unsure if my work was worthy of an art show, so I'd rather have time to maybe makes some new pieces for it.

Obviously Germany went along as scheduled and I'm here now. I'm here with my sister, Angelica, to help our older sister, Suzette, and her boys, Bruce and Marcos, to move back to the states. Shes lived there for the last 3 years because her Husband, and my Brother-in-Law, Oscar, is in the Army. He'll be finishing his 9.5 yr enlistment with the US Army and coming home to California this fall. My sister is moving back now so that everything will be set and ready for Him when he's home.

Germany is a nice view, very humble, and clear air. So far I've took some nice photos, and because my Camera is Fixed!!! To an extent, and not really, I just reset the overall settings, and whatever happened before, it works now, way better than before.

The airport was a great "fun". The 11 hr plane ride was just about bearable, but then, our luggage was an hour late, just my sister's and mine's. Then we had to find our taxi, which was easy finding a guy with a sign "Palacio". We were sure he was already given directions to Suzette's, so I just sat back and enjoyed the 2 hour drive to her house. Beautiful landscapes. I mainly slept the ride over, but woke frequently due to is erratic driving on the Autobahn... every car drove faster than 100mph and with no care in the world for the other drivers. I basically awoke to every harsh break he hit on the Autobahn. But we got there at around 2pm, as it poured, and then waited to get signed in.

This all may seem like complaints, but I felt it was a fun experience, and not to bothersome to rant about, but enough to write about =P What was interesting was that our neighbor's on the plane ride had asked us where we were going and we slowly stumbled across the fact my brother-in-law is in Iraq, and they said "Oh the US Army" we answered yes then he said "Tell him Thank you, (he paused) for giving us rights/freedom" Couldn't quite remember the word he used, but it was along those lines.

Great seeing my sister and my nephews, I love them to Death!! I also miss my Babay, Diego, something fierce! Love you bo!

Well, I'll post pics up soon, till then, thanks for reading and hope everyone's doing fine!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Back from Japan

And even more pooppy than before... I can't believe I was there again and left again. I don't regret any moment of it though, even though it all now feels like an awesome dream. Its so boring being back home, the streets are dull and shady, the people are dull and shady, and the shops are... dull and shady. At least Japan was fun and shady =P

Hmmm I guess I can say, when you leave Japan, everything feels like time has slowed down, people are careless and rude, and life is overall just plain boring. Well enough of my emo rant, now about why Japan is a hellava place!

So going back to Tokyo was as exciting and adventurous as the last trip. Even though we visited much of the places from the Tokyo Game Show Tour, it had a little more added, or was experienced differently (like more walking), and it was a little more peaceful and less stressful, because I wasn't desperately trying to get stuff or pictures.

Tokyo, with its Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku, and other prefectures, it sure is a wonderful storm of culture and views, if ya know what I mean. The Two new things during our stay in Tokyo were the Tokyo Anime Fair, and the Samurai Experience. Tokyo Anime Fair was like Anime Expo, and I love Anime Expo, but since this was in Japan, it got more points in my book! The Samurai Experience was basically short samurai lessons, and yes it ROCKED. Would've been more energetic, but this was our last stop in the day, and we had a FULL active day... "You're Breaking my Balls Mimi!" Of course, with my lack of rhythm, I was the one a little disoriented and screwing up, but I still had A LOT of fun and recommend it to all. Oh, and don't wear a skirt and semi-transparent nylons to a Samurai lesson, I thought we'd change to outfits...

So I know, pictures would be GREAT, so at the moment, I'm weeding through my images to better organize and such, but don't expect any Amazing quality photos, my camera decided to be shitty during the trip. A few good shots, but not a great as the last trips:

The one thing I regret was not going to an Onsen/Bath House. Maybe next time, but definitely still a dream of mine, but to go to one that's really traditional and a visual overload and in the mountains.

Now on to OSAKA, yes, it is so wonderful, it needed all caps. Osaka is like Tokyo, but more humble, happier and the people are way HOTTER! Great looking crowds, happy faces, jitensha(bikes) galore, lots of shops and great food all within walking distance. If there was one place or event that made me want a bike so bad, it be Osaka.

The nightlife was just as active and beautiful. Though I didn't get to adventure as much as I'd like, but I was also so exhausted from the previous fun days. The most beautiful event would have to be getting to Osaka on the Shinkansen, also known as the Bullet Train. I video taped the trip to and from Osaka and will post soon, but it was beautiful. It was like a Hayao Miyazaki film moment by moment. I was also listening to great music matching the view and making me cry.

During our stay in Osaka, we visited Kyoto. I wish to explore Kyoto more one day, because I LOVE the traditional aspect of Kyoto. The Temple on the Mountain, I believe Kiyomisu Temple, was amazing, the Nijo Castle was gorgeous, and all so surreal. The bus guided tour was fun overall, really liked Kyoto.

The only thing I hated was... The plane ride >< but I'll endure if it means Japan =P I'd like to Thank Intermixi tours for the yet again, wonderful experience, and I'll miss the friends met and laughs we shared. Oh and meeting up with a pal from that last tour, Will Tam, was awesome! My sister Angelica said "He's right where we left him" when we saw him at the airport immigration when we arrived lol =D Saying bye was tough this round too, usually happens when we say goodbye to friends that are going home to states far away. Hope to meet you all again, and see some of you at AX09!

Well onto the rest of my life...

I have an Art Show!! I know my work isn't really art show material, but I was excepted and I want to try it at least once. So here's the info:

I'll be selling high quality and framed prints, $50-$100, depends. I'll have more info up soon.

I'm also heading to cold ass Germany >< Why you say? Well cause my Sis is there and me and my younger sis are going to help her move back here with her kids. We've been missing her crazy, so now that shes coming to stay, we had to be part, also because she'll be coming with our nephews, and we wanted to help her with the kids and luggage.

Still job searching, and working on lots of side art projects for friends and such mainly for portfolio since there's no money involved.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey! Listen! Vol. 1

Hey hey all, recently I answered an ad to design an Album Cover for "Game Music 4 All"
They're a website dedicated to the promotion of all video game inspired music today. They have an amazing range of GREAT music. Volume 1 is part of a series of 5 song "mixtapes".

The series is called Hey! Listen! The goal of these mixtapes is to introduce you to bands, musicians, and artists who you may have never discovered otherwise.

Here's the Album Art I did:

Hey!Listen! Vol 1

It features my character Haiku. The downloads are free and here's how to get them:

Hey!Listen! Vol 1

My favorite songs are "Take my Heart, Take my Hand" and "Gelano" And if ya really like my pic, they'll have a wallpaper version of the album up soon!

Also, I finished the Pirate Vixen character, now I'm working on the BG... though I'm no good at environments ><

Pirate Vixen

And a quick WIP of the BG...


I've updated my website:

Also, thinking of going back to Japan, for the Springtime Cherry Blossoms, hopefully I can.

Hope ya'll like!