Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I got this idea last week to create my own version of the Pink Ribbon in 8-bit form, for gamers to show their support in their own little way. I then had this crazy idea to make the design into an actual pin. In no time I came up with a plan to make and sell these pins and give 75% of the proceeds to a Breast Cancer Foundation, and use the last 25% to get myself checked and medical =) And that's how Sasha thinks... crazy huh? =P Anyway...

So in the end, I designed this:

Actual Size for the web, and free:

And then got inspired to draw this:

*Sorry for the crappy phone image, but will update with a scan soon* The piece will be sold as an original at $150.00 where 50% goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm still setting up the Paypal info, but I'll update as soon as possible. Oh and follow me on Facebook~

Yup... =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

An update by the elusive Sasha Palacio

Sorry for the disappearing act I was playing, but I HAVE been drawing, just a little late to update =P I actually find myself updating my Facebook page more regularly, since it's quick n' simple, and can be done through my phone =]. You can actually see my all my sketches I've been doing there: The Art of Sasha Palacio

For a group and website I'm part of, PixelDrip, asked their members to design themselves as a game character for our artist page. The site is still under development, but the blog is active and shows lots of awesome stuff related to games and art. So for my avatar, I chose Ezio from Assassin's Creed II, his costume makes me tingle =P The game is AMAZING, but anyway, I wanted to post it here because I designed it to be a pin-up version of me as Ezio, to kinda sum up my style and what I like to draw =) Enjoy! Oh and did a black version based of the unlockable Black Outfit for Ezio in-game that I love soooooo much.

So here I have my latest addition to the 100 Girls. Better descriptions on my facebook page and on the Girls Drawin' Girls blog. And lately I've been attending Drink and Draw every Thursday night at Casey's bar in LA. It's relaxing and fun, great art and cool people!

26-100 "Myrna" Done for the GDG weekly theme of Mermaids

27-100 "Peggie" Done for the GDG weekly theme of Zombies

28-100 "Nanami" Done for the GDG weekly theme of Japanese Fashion

29-100 "Tsunami" Originally a concept for a Japan inspired piece for an art show, but never used, so I gave her a home in the 100 girls =)

30-100 "Yvette" A piece I did during Drink and Draw at Comic-Con this year.

31-100 "Circe" A piece I did at the Drink and Draw event that happens every Thursday night at Casey's Bar in LA.

32-100 "Sophie" She was going to be a viera from final fantasy tactics, but just became a nude girl =P Another piece done at Drink and Draw.

33-100 "Amelia" my French Maid for this weeks theme. A 10-15 minute sketch in Photoshop. He just wants to cuddle =P

I hope to be more active and post when I have something, that way I don't continue to post large late blog entries... Poor August, didn't stand a chance of being post on...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update Alert!!!!

I was late to announce it on here, mainly due to the lack of internet the last 2 weeks, but I have my Peaches and Cream piece up at another great Girls Drawin Girls show for the debut of Sugar & Spice book over in Burbank, for more info and to buy some gorgeous work along with my piece, visit

Oh My! I skipped June all together! Yikes, well, not a lot of art happened, but I did attend E3 and it was goooooooood =P I posted pics up on my Facebook and that folder is public so enjoy:

Been updating my sketches too and to lazy and limited to post outside of FB sometimes =P

So, I'm camping out at my parents house, with their beautiful internet, and had a chance to scan some old "100 girls in a 100 days" entries. Over at the Girls Drawin Girls blog, they have weekly themes so I've been participating. I also was thinking, as I submit to the Weekly Themes, I might as well give those gals a place in the 100. With that I can finish the 100 in this lifetime and accomplish my New Year's resolution of drawing more =)

Okay, so here's this week's theme, Lolli, who is also girl 25/100:
I was inspired by the summer scene and redhead punky girls =P I've been on a freckles splurge lately! =P

My Salsa Dancer is girl 24/100 and last week's theme at GDG, and I've decided that I'd only count girls not associated with fanart, like my last piece for Daria. That gives my 100 a more original approach and freedom in saleability =)

But here's 2 week's ago's theme, Daria:

Here's girl 23/100, Daniella:
I imagine her with a high pitch voice, like Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.

Girl 22/100, Evelyn:

Girl 21/100, Esperanza:

And that is all for now, until next week maybe, but I am attending Comic-Con this year and will get inspired!!! =) Sorry for the splurge of art, I hadn't had coffee for over a week so this morning I decided to make up for my lack of caffeine by drinking the whole 12 cup pot... You can't imagine the amount of times I had to spell check and reread this post, I keep hitting 3 keys at a time and loosing my train of tho..... oooohhh shiney!

~Sasha Palacio

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Show recaps and new Art *u*

So a lot has come about this last month. For starters, the Girls Drawing Girls artbook, with my Peaches and Cream piece, is accepting preorders at $20 for now. Price will go up to $25 soon and the first 100 to preorder get a free print by the cover's artist!!!


As for the Art Show's last month and this month, well, I showed at 3 out of the 4 events, and sold at 1. They were all great shows, awesome and fun in their own rights.

The Monsters of 8-Bit show had great music, not to mention a nice venue. I found out that day that I was going to be the only artist showing, so it was a bit lonely on the art side =P

The UGTL6: 3v3 SFIV Tourney & Pixel Drip Gallery debut show was a awesome Street Fighter tournament and art show, met a lot of talented and genuinely cool cats =P The art was varied and unique enough to stand alone on it's own, so with that in mind, the folks behind the operation want to separate the art show from the tournament, as their own events. Which is an idea I back wholeheartedly! he venue was gorgeous, and fit the event perfectly! I made two new pieces for the show:

"Oh my Morrigan"
"Crimson Viper"
I couldn't attend The Carnival NOir show... was too busy with family and stressed to pack myself up and head to L.A. that night... but I heard it went wonderfully!

The Super Happy Tokyo Love: Akasan's Farewell Party was beyond words awesome!!! I sold 4 out of the 9 pieces I brought that night, and $49 worth of newly made stickers! It was a farewell party to remember and love, we'll miss you Aka-san!!! Only one new piece that night, then just my The Demonesses, Lilith, Azazel, Jezebeth, Pirate Vixen Morgana, and Viera of the Woods.

"Tsuki no Sakura"

I finally got around to finishing the NES winner's piece of a Pin-up Samus:

"Samus Aran"

And that's all for the past, now for the present and the future!!! Well, at the moment I'm working on character designs for an animated series promo, but that's all I can say for now, and I'll update when I freely can with permission. =) I'm also taking commissions, I'm currently working on one of a friend and her daughter. Other that that, just surviving =P Oh yea, never mentioned it, but, I was laid-off from Sunken Media LLC, nothing bad, just this recession is getting to everyone and they couldn't afford me... I'm good though, I feel more motivated than ever before actually, it's funny but awesome!

I believe I've updated everyone (really only my 7 or so watchers =P) of my life, and thank you all for taking a moment to read my blog!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lots and Lots of Shows, well only 4 =)

So, I'm a little late on introducing one event, because I was sick and all, but tomorrow is my first of 4 events I'll be showing at.

Legends of 8-Bit Rock and Art Show
UGTL6: 3v3 SFIV Tourney & Pixel Drip Gallery debut show!
Carnival NOir!
Super Happy Tokyo Love: Akasan's Farewell Party

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peaches and Cream

Girls Drawin' Girls presents Volume III Sugar and Spice.

Peaches and Cream

Peaches & Cream

**View in full for detail**

Girls Drawin' Girls presents Volume III Sugar and Spice.

Peaches and Cream

For the Girls Drawin' Girls new art book coming out themed after Desserts. Originally the girl who had Peaches and Creams was unable to finish her piece, and so they gave me her slot, since I was first in line for the wait.

So I immediately Googled the dessert and upon seeing the delicious pictures, I thought of a sexy freckled redhead stripping down to her peaches, and to get into a bowl of cream =P With less than a week to work on it, I'm pretty happy with it.

Photoshop, 10-15hrs

Color Palette:

Friday, February 19, 2010

So far so good =)

So both the Bitter/Sweet Valentine Show and Pizza and Chips 2: Chiptune Show have past, and both were AWESOME! Sadly... no pics from either were even taken, by me, but plenty from others =P

Girls Drawin' Girls has posted up a blog specifically for the show, found here: that way you can see all the wonderful works and possibly buy it! The list of artist can be seen on the right side panel. Here are my two pieces, wish I could've finished it more, but I liked them either way!

"Sweet Red"
"Bitter Blue"

GameMusic4All held an awesome event, I sadly got there too late for most the preformers, but the night was recorded! I met a lot of great people, especially the winners of the Custom Art on NES and SNES. No pics or Video's up yet, but keep checking the GM4A site.

Athena (NES) asked for Samus Aran in full body Armour without her helmet on, in a pinup style.
Rodrigo (SNES) asked for the Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Petey Piranha.

Performances by:
EvilWezil ( )
Wizwars ( )
Nameless ( )
IllGill ( )

More art to come soon, keep checking the Girls Drawin' Girls blog for updates on the 100 girls in 100 days... even though I'm horribly behind =P

Well that's all for now, Thank you for reading and have a great weekend All!

~Sasha Palacio

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Upcoming Shows and Art

Wow! It's been a while, but I've also been deathly but happily busy =) With my new job at Sunken Media LLC, Art show with Girls Drawing Girls "Bitter/Sweet, A Valentine's Show", Personalized Art on an NES and an SNES for "Pizza and Chips 2: Chiptune Show", and 100 Girls in 100 days with Girls Drawing Girls. So yea, busy...

We're hitting crunch-time at Sunken Media, but what better time to push your creative self then now, especially with all this beautiful rain!

Girls Drawing Girls presents "Bitter/Sweet, A Valentine's Show"
Game Music 4 All presents "Pizza and Chips 2: Chiptune Show"

And to see my current 100 Girls, check out and don't hesitate to go check out the other ladies' great drawings! Here are three of my personal favorites: