Saturday, March 5, 2011

March already =)

I've been quite bust lately with freelance projects, and it looks like I have more lined up! But the moments I get to myself, I sketch what I can, and post updates on my Facebook page's The Sketch album. Here's one I finished just today, with 2 hours in photoshop.

Also made a new piece, "Noir Fleur", originally for the Girls Drawin' Girls' Hoity Toity show, but I wasn't able to drop it off on time for the event.

But I did get a chance to show the piece at the Ruin Hollywood's Night Gallery instead. Here's a picture me and my fiance took with the new piece.

I also opened my own Etsy store, The Art of Sasha Palacio. My Facebook page also links to each piece through an album picture. Which only has more to come!

Hopefully I'll be able to post up images of the work I've been doing, but until then, I would only ask for patience =) Thank you for reading!