Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I got this idea last week to create my own version of the Pink Ribbon in 8-bit form, for gamers to show their support in their own little way. I then had this crazy idea to make the design into an actual pin. In no time I came up with a plan to make and sell these pins and give 75% of the proceeds to a Breast Cancer Foundation, and use the last 25% to get myself checked and medical =) And that's how Sasha thinks... crazy huh? =P Anyway...

So in the end, I designed this:

Actual Size for the web, and free:

And then got inspired to draw this:

*Sorry for the crappy phone image, but will update with a scan soon* The piece will be sold as an original at $150.00 where 50% goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm still setting up the Paypal info, but I'll update as soon as possible. Oh and follow me on Facebook~

Yup... =)