Friday, July 10, 2009

My 2nd Art Show Fri July 17th

So a lot has happened since my last blog, but let me tell you about the upcoming group art show I'll be attending. It'll have plenty of other artist expressing various styles of art.

The show last from July 17th - 29th(Thu-Sat 10am-9pm), but the Opening reception is July 17th from 6pm-9pm. It'll be at the:

Lanaca Gallery
1827 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

The Opening Reception will be the first debut of all the artwork and you'll be able to meet some of the artist while you freely drink and snack away. The Lanaca Gallery located on the ground floor of a beautifully restored 1930s Art Deco building that is just South of the Staples Center and next to the LA Mart. Its a great location and not as far as my last show.

Parking is metered until 6pm on which it is then free, but please do keep an eye out for signs. No fee to enter, so come at your free will and as I said earlier, enjoy the free snacks and wine.

Here are the new flyers for the show, I'll have them printed and out on Monday.

As for Anime Expo, I'll update later when I get the photos up and such. AX was a little sucky this year, less anime-goers(More curious locals) and not so many interesting activities/events to do and watch. I really wish they'd set back up in Anaheim, it was the perfect location.

I've been job hunting, desiging Manga logos and T-Shirts for the past month. Here is something I've been working on, her name is Haiku, she's been around awhile, but this pic was done for a t-shirt for, they're selling a version of her there, blue and red.

Well, that's all for now, will update as it come s to me. Thank you for reading!