Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress of Design

I recently found an old folder of all my Concept Design Academy art and figured it would be cool to share. It shows the thought process I took to design each character and creature. Thanks again Kevin Chen and Jerad S.Marantz!

Creature Design, going out my comfort zone =)

Werewolves: Werewolves have been designed and redesigned for ages, and most follow a standard design. I wanted to keep the iconic look but with a twist. This project was definitely out of my comfort zone when it came to drawing, but since I absolutely love horror/thriller films, this was close to my heart.

Silhouette Thumbnails

Reference Collage
Favorite silhouette shapes

Refined and rendered design

Touched-up favorites

Aliens:  Who can say they were never influenced by H.R. Giger's Alien designs? Who I tell ya?! Well, when asked to design scary and creepy alien designs I definitely wanted to give a unique approach but keep to the familiar designs that have already established fear in the populous! I wanted to also keep design to real creatures, especially underwater monsters!

Alien Silhouette Thumbnails 

Favorite alien silhouette 1 refined

Favorite alien silhouette 2 refined

Favorite alien silhouette 3 refined

My personal favorite rendered out and touched-up

Fantasy Beings: I enjoy fantasy creatures, for example Pan's Labyrinth, Legend, and Willow, but I also wanted to give a creepy feel to them.

Fantasy Beings Silhouette Thumbnails

My favorite 3 thumbs


My favorites rendered and refined

Character Design, comfortable, but still pushing it =P

Clockwork Thieves and Stowaway: I knew right away I wanted to go with a Steam-Punk theme, preferably cartoony, but as I went through the design process I pushed my style to a simplistic form.
Style Study
Facial Study

Initial Design

Refined Cartoony 1

Refined Cartoony 2

Re-refined Cartoony, and character cut

Design Touch-up

Tonal Range

Never finished this one to it's fullest, but I'm still happy with the results.

Labyrinthian Goblins: When asked to design goblins for the world of Labyrinth I jumped with joy, it was definitely something new, but since the world has already been developed, all I had to do was keep to the style. We played mainly with shape design, and started to refine from there.
Mass Goblin Quick Design

Pick favorite 3 and start to solidify shape

Design touch-up and size change

Quick color drop and further render

I've been working on a lot of contract art, so much of the work I'm doing is confidential, but believe me, if I could post it, I would! Thanks for reading =D