Friday, August 1, 2008

A Whole Month Full

1) Anime Expo
2) LA Zoo
3) Comic-Con
4) Earthquake
5) Working on an a art job
6) Stumped

1) So Anime Expo and come and gone, and doing Artist Alley this year has completely taken up my time for my all time favorite place... the Exhibit Hall. Even though I shifted in and out with family watching the table and I skipped a day of working for my Graduation, I still manage to miss out on 95% of the Hall...

I redid the Fran piece I was working on way back because my Boyfriend, Diego, finished the background for me since he had the chance and I was so happy with it that when I got around to my drawing, It felt inferior, so I retouched it. Here it is:

Viera of the Woods

I tole myself at least I have Comic-Con coming, up, there may not be a lot of Anime stuff but still some good buys. Next year for AX and Comic-Con I plan on getting a table and possibly with a group of friends where we'd have shifts so that we can all experience the cons and sell our work. Were also planning on making an artbook together.

2) I went to the LA Zoo with some friends and Diego all to go draw the animals, we were there for a while but had to go early. This was my first time here since I was 5 years old. Kinda run down, but still full of interesting animals.

Finished a current commission for a guy whos been waiting for a year now because I had told him I was busy with school, so the day I graduated, I get an email and hes like "Hey you graduated, you have time for the commission now =)" (not actual quote) Anyway, here it is:

Bloody Demon Man

3) Comic-Con and San Diego were AWESOME!! I've been to San Diego last year for Siggraph, but San Diego with Comic-Con was Incredible. So lively and fun, the people were inviting and shared the common love for comics, art, anime and more (both local and visitors). The day before Comic-con I remember thinking, "OMG Anime Expo is Huge and Amazing", after attending Comic-Con, AX looks feeble. I still Love AX and will still attend, but I realized how much more Comic-con is professional and gives more opportunities to artist alike. AX is more for the fan sells, Comic-con is good for that and business/networking.

It was quite a wild experience, but not as much as the big earthquake!! Been a while so this was a shock. I was on the 8th floor with Diego and my friend Alan when the entire room swayed back and forth. Kinda crazy how moving it was. Turns out it was larger back in the LA area, shacking up stores and buildings.

5) I've been trying to get back to work on an art job, but one thing after the other just continues to get in the way. I hope to get back on it as soon as possible.

6) Other than that, I'm completely stumped... Ive never had no project, homework, grade that I had to strive for, so now with graduation... I'm stumped, I feel like I have to DO something. Im trying to relax and take a real vacation for myself for once, but its hard. Now days just fly by and I don't know what to do.

Since I tend to procrastinate a lot, I need a deadline to actually get things going. I want to finish things to my quickest ability, which is pretty fast, but I leave it off for another time...

I have to also get back on my website and finish that. I've applied for jobs, but no reply. The house I was planning on getting has increased the price so we hesitate to buy. I want to start back modeling, but since I never got any attention before, I don't think I will now.

The only thing I look forward to now is the major trip I'm taking to Japan. Hopefully this will re-inspire me and I may even find better opportunities there. I sure hope Japan is all what I dreamed it to be, I've hoped it to be.