Friday, February 3, 2012

Sensitivity Training at Babe Lab and Global Game Jam

So last week marked my first try at the Global Game Jam. I also had the opportunity to attend the first Babe Lab workshop at Gnomon, the Sensitivity Training.

The Sensitivity Training workshop with Babe Lab took place at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects last Thursday and was really exciting. Great tips for drawing women and pin-up with a great live and famous model: Stacy Walker.

I've posted a few of my pieces online on my Facebook Page, but here are some:

And then that weekend, I attended the Global Game Jam, a universal game creating competition that takes place all over the world for a 48 hour span of time. The location I attended at was the Mt. Sierra location, also known as the college I graduated from. We had a team kinda started before the competition, but in the end we gain a few hidden jems and created our team: Infinity 8. The theme of the jam was a picture of a snake eating itself. We had to create something inspired by what we thought that meant.

48 hours later, and a total of 4 hours of sleep, we created a game, a working glitchy game =) I give you Rhea, which I came up with the general concept and character design. Rhea is a puzzle platformer inspired by the Greek concpet of Inifinity (Ouroboros). The main character Rhea, lives in an eternal cycle of vibrant life, decay, and reyouth. The objective is to stay young. Throughout the project our team collaborated and generated a better concept and design. A team effort well done =)

To try out the game, go to our page in the Global Game Jam:

In the end I got an award for "Best Digital Illustration" and our team got "Best Concept".