Friday, February 19, 2010

So far so good =)

So both the Bitter/Sweet Valentine Show and Pizza and Chips 2: Chiptune Show have past, and both were AWESOME! Sadly... no pics from either were even taken, by me, but plenty from others =P

Girls Drawin' Girls has posted up a blog specifically for the show, found here: that way you can see all the wonderful works and possibly buy it! The list of artist can be seen on the right side panel. Here are my two pieces, wish I could've finished it more, but I liked them either way!

"Sweet Red"
"Bitter Blue"

GameMusic4All held an awesome event, I sadly got there too late for most the preformers, but the night was recorded! I met a lot of great people, especially the winners of the Custom Art on NES and SNES. No pics or Video's up yet, but keep checking the GM4A site.

Athena (NES) asked for Samus Aran in full body Armour without her helmet on, in a pinup style.
Rodrigo (SNES) asked for the Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Petey Piranha.

Performances by:
EvilWezil ( )
Wizwars ( )
Nameless ( )
IllGill ( )

More art to come soon, keep checking the Girls Drawin' Girls blog for updates on the 100 girls in 100 days... even though I'm horribly behind =P

Well that's all for now, Thank you for reading and have a great weekend All!

~Sasha Palacio